#Nicaragua @TaoRuspoli: Somoto Canyon, a place undiscovered by outsiders until 2006 #hiking

Cañon de Somoto – Foto Tao Ruspoli

Somoto Canyon – Photo by Tao Ruspoli


A Hike Up Volcano #Izalco, Ended Up In More Than a Workout by @bconingham #ElSalvador

A Hike Up Volcano Izalco, El Salvador, Ended Up In More Than a Workout
Beatriz Coningham
“Imagine sitting at the porch of your beautiful hotel room in a clear night, having a glass of wine and watching the fiery colors of fervent lava exploding from the mouth of a volcano just a couple miles away. The story goes that while Volcano Izalco was still active in the 1960′s a large hotel was built next to the central square of Cerro Verde National Park, on top of the mountain overlooking Izalco. The isolated location and the altitude certainly meant a great effort and financial investment was made on this construction. The attraction for guests was going to be Izalco’s hypnotic eruptions which they would be able to enjoy from the best possible angles and in the comfort of their luxurious accommodations. Known as “El Faro” (The Lighthouse), Izalco’s steady eruptions had made it a landmark which could be seen far out from the Pacific Ocean.

But the young volcano was not particularly amenable to becoming the center of attentions. Soon after the hotel was inaugurated, eruptions ceased suddenly and completely and Izalco has been dormant ever since. The spectacle of lava was replaced by the calm and constant production of steam at the most, a tragedy for the newly opened hotel which is now in ruins. Sad. And although this wasn’t stated, when I heard this story told by a local, I sensed a subtle tone underlying it, a distant reference to nature’s punishment of human greed, and to the volcano as an entity responding to its surroundings…” read full article http://goo.gl/4TmEzx

Hospital de Tablas Surf en El Puerto de La Libertad #ElSalvador #turismo #viajes


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Para El Salvador: Sobre La Playa – cantada por Jorge Negrete compuesta por Pancho Lara


Canción inédita grabada en un desconocido estudio durante una visita del gran cantante Mexicano Jorge Negrete a El Salvador. El compositor de la letra y la música es el Salvadoreño: Pancho Lara y el nombre de la canción: “Sobre La Playa”. La canción es acompañada por imágenes antiguas de El Salvador que datan de los años 1920-40.

Unknown recording in a studio during the visit of the great Mexican singer Jorge Negrete to El Salvador. The author of the lyrics is the Salvadoran: Pancho Lara and the name of the song is: “Sobre La Playa”. The pictures of the video are from El Salvador of the years 1920-40.

Marco Baratta / 2010

Lago Ilopango ~ Casa Cayuco is a traveler´s paradise #travel #hostel #backpacking El Salvador


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Las Sepulturas in #Copan Ruinas #Honduras #archaeology #2012 #travel

Las Sepulturas site “…had provided valuable information about the day-to-day lives of Copán’s ruling elite. The area received its macabre name (“The Tombs”) from local campesinos, who farmed in the area and, in the course of their work, uncovered many tombs of nobles who were buried next to their houses, as was the Mayan custom.” 

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